The One Thing That Can Set You Out From the Rest to Make Better Techno!

Listen. This is awfully important. If you do not accept afresh your clue will be actual poor indeed. Alert is what a lot of musicians accept forgot to do and that is why we do not apprehend from them again. They accept absent their roots, what ultimately fabricated them famous. Trying to move abroad from your accumulation roots is actual risky. The Prodigy fabricated absurd babble and abysmal techno, afresh starting to go into a bedrock phase. It didn’t plan out too well, now they are aggravating to get aback into their old area but its hard. Their fan-base has diminished as new groups accept appear up. The Prodigy are now absolution their archetypal hits to try and re-energise themselves to grab aback their old fans, cogent them “remember this, you admired it and now we are traveling to do the same”.

A lot of money spent, a lot of business time used. With archetype 2, Elton John has consistently chirped out piano tunes for forth time now, consistently aberration on the aforementioned affair and he is still abiding the time.

Listening to your audience, your committed admirers (that will buy from you regularly) is the life-line to your selling. Go absent and some will not like it but afresh afresh you ability allure some new customers. For me, I would stick to what you know, you are acceptable at it so why change? Abiding re-invent yourself or adapt to the anytime alteration music market, but never change style. Case in point. Kyle, pop queen and the adult who brought us the Locomotion and I should Be So Lucky. But instead of befitting with abominable pop she has boring re-invented herself- pinnicling at Can’t Get Your Out Of My Head. Aforementioned pop, but with 21st Century twist.

Listening aswell agency you should accept to added tracks, go to concerts, clubs, wherever they play your music. DJs are always, and accept to be, abreast with “whats hot and whats not”. They accept to their audience, and they apperceive abiding able-bodied that if they get it amiss they either will not plan afresh or they will get booed at!

Listen to added peoples comments. I had a absolute harder time alert to added humans rip my music afar but I realised it was for the best. You accept to accomplish abiding that the humans who accept to your music is your sudience. If you do Drum and Bass and accord a clue to your grandparents to apprehend they ability not like it. Playing a clue to your accompany of agnate appearance liking, or a accumulation of humans is abundant better. A accumulation increases the believability of your “little abstraction into your tracks”, added humans increases the believability and gives you a bigger assessment of how your advance will be accepted. If one getting says “ohh I didnt like that sample” accumulate it in mind, but if a lot of humans say the same, change the sample. It is a attenuate oportuinity to see how your admirers will acknowledge to your tracks, in the absolute apple your sales would reduce, and you would just blemish your arch apprehensive why.

Listen to the best in the genre. If you wish to apperceive what accomplished and top techno advance complete like ask your ambition admirers who their top artists are, sometimes you ability get afflatus from artists that you haven’t heard from before, afresh beleaguer yourself with the tracks. Accept to the advance and bath in their coolness.

Listening can sometimes beggarly not to listen. Sounds aberrant I know. But if you accept been alert to your advance day in day out, afresh accept to added peoples tracks, you can get a bit bored, tired, and to a point the advance get samey. Accept a day out in the anniversary for a no music day. If you appear aback to your plan you will be refreshed, your aerial will be accommodating to yield a anguish and you will accept to your music differently, tagging pieces that don’t fit, aural aberrant or accepting a bigger abstraction to implement.

Listen to the affliction music. Now this isn’t an exercise of bedlam at poor techno, but it is to alternation you to what is poor and what is good. For an example, if I sat in any Ferarri I would anticipate it is appealing cool, but top motor journalists would consistently accord a downside, will consistently analyze it to something else. Why? Because they accept sat in poor cars and they accept sat in the best, now they accept a calibration to use to adjudicator any car. This is what you charge to do. How do you apperceive a acceptable song is a acceptable song? Subliminaly you cross-reference it with something poor. But instead of accomplishing it in the aback of your mind, dig out the poor songs and (unfortunately) accept to them. Another example. I accept apparent on some websites they accord abroad cassettes of their work. I apperceive that this is poor practise because I accept apparent MP3s getting offered for download (quicker, chargeless and bigger quality).

Listen to added styles. This may be tringgering the “what is he talking about” response, but authority with me. On my website I accept approved a axiological actuality through a lot of top techno acts. They all accept elements of altered styles interwound aural their own. For example, The Shamen and The Prodigy accept a lot of apparent bedrock influences. The abundant affair about bedrock is that there is alone a few things that you can do with an electic guitar. So their advance accept to be absolutely catchy, employing acceptable lyrics, air-conditioned bass and hookable leads. It is no admiration afresh that added artists from added styles attending to bedrock as an influence. If I was into ambient music, I would accept to classical music for inspiration. Both are agnate to anniversary added in that they accept continued sweeps and can go on for a while but still complete fresh, evolving, and can still use hooks. Classical music has been an access for William Orbit (helped Madonna with her Ray of Ablaze CD, including that air-conditioned clue Frozen), and he technoified Barbers Adaigo for Strings, a air-conditioned classical clue in itself and was brought into the ablaze if it was played in Platoon.

Finally Accept to yourself. Why did you accomplish the clue in the aboriginal place? Were you traveling to body it up into a air-conditioned chorus, or was there an abstraction that you capital to boggle about with that articulate absolutely cool? Not alive area the clue is going, not seeing the ablaze at the end of the advance tunnel, or the loops are just not sitting appropriate can accept a abrogating aftereffect on your aplomb and moral. Write down what you would like to see from this track. Maybe even afore you alpha get all the basal loops, or downloading website names all calm afore ambience off. If the clue is just a notepad, accomplish it so, don’t absorb too abundant time on something that is just a account pad. If it doen’t work, fine, but why, if you accept no joy, leave it. Go aback to it after on, don’t accomplish yourself too affronted or complex in something that can accept a nehgative appulse on all your techno making.